Thursday, May 31, 2012

IT business in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the biggest city in India that has huge potential in Information Technology sector. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal that was also the capital of British India. It was the biggest city in India until recent past. The process of Industrialization started in Kolkata long before any other cities in India. West Bengal had highest literacy rate in India. All these provide Kolkata a VIP status and a place of attraction for any business. IT (Information technology) is no exception.

Besides hardware, Information technology is mainly divided into two categories Online and Offline. All online works are done on the internet. The website and mobile applications are the media for all online works. Practically no online activities can be done without a website or mobile application.

Websites and mobile applications are becoming a need of the time with growing number of internet connections and smartphones. Every business small or big needs website to showcase their activities, products, and services. Similarly, other organizations i.e. government, educational, social etc also need websites. Kolkata needs about 2 million (2000000) new websites in next five years.

Creating a website is a specialized job requiring expertise. It will be better to use state of the art technologies to design and develop websites. Vardhaman Infotech with its competent team can develop websites for you as per your requirement. You can get static, dynamic, e-Commerce websites or CMS panel as per your business or organizational needs.

Developing mobile applications for both Android and IOS platforms are again a specialized job and we have the expertise for both platforms.

We have our franchise in Kolkata who can take good care of your IT related needs. Please feel free to contact.

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