Thursday, May 26, 2016

Developing entrepreneurship and managerial skills at Vardhaman Infotech

Vardhaman Infotech is an Information and Communication Technology Company, established and run by a young Indian entrepreneur. Hence, we believe in developing entrepreneurship among the Indian youth. We know from our experience that all entrepreneurship require managerial capabilities inbuilt. And managerial skills can be developed only through practical exposure to onsite activities.

Vardhaman Infotech designs and develops various types of websites and complex web portals according to the business requirements of Indian and overseas clients. The IT Company also develops mobile applications for Android and iPhone platforms. We have to analyze business needs of different ranges of customers that give us exposure to international market conditions and business scenario. Handling so many business systems, in turn, help us in developing business proficiencies and management skills.
Entrepreneurship development program of Vardhaman Infotech in the News
One has to manage several activities to reach his or her administrative or business goals. Human resource, finance, and marketing management are few of those. The startup is trendy nowadays and the central government of India under the leadership of  PM Narendra Modi is encouraging young startups and supporting them wholeheartedly. Several state governments are also following the federal government.

Startups need both entrepreneurship qualities and managerial abilities to succeed in their ventures. Similarly, someone willing to run family business also requires said qualities.

We are also thinking of the youth who are not willing to enter into the business but to choose for an employment as a manager. These people are also important because they help running others' business. We infuse qualities of a manager among those.

We are organizing a 4-week training program for management students to inculcate the values. commencing from Monday,  May 30 and will be ended on Saturday, June 25.

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