Monday, May 23, 2016

Vardhaman Infotech: Training program to increase employability in India

Despite increasing higher education, large numbers of Indian youth are still unemployable. The training program at Vardhaman Infotech increases the employability of the educated young in India.
Information Technology is the most promising sector for employment, that provides jobs to millions of Indians in their own country and in the overseas. However, most of the freshers among IT graduates are unemployable for various reasons. 

There is a huge gap between Industrial requirement and current education. We always face problems in recruiting fresh graduates (B.Tec,  BE, and BCA/ MCA). Most of them don't meet our requirements. Other companies in IT sector are facing the same problem. 

To resolve the problem, we have started a training program in few key areas in information technology. Android mobile application developers are high in demand with the increasing numbers of smartphones. Similarly, large numbers of developers code dynamic and eCommerce websites in PHP language. Looking into the need, we have started training in PHP too. 

Supporting skill development
Vardhaman Infotech, generally, appoints the trained developers, both in Android and PHP. Some of them find their way in other companies and a few starts freelancing.  Hence, we are serving the IT industry in general by providing skilled manpower. 

Narendra Modi, PM of India is pro-technology and pro skill. His government is putting all efforts for "Digital India", and "Skill India". We are in support of the mission and training program of Vardhaman Infotech is immensely helpful in the enhancement of skill in Android development and in PHP language.
We will be starting our new batch from Monday,  May 30, 2016, in Android application development. All the seats are already booked for this session and any aspirant has to wait for another session. 

Vardhaman Infotech

eCommerce and Mobile Application development 
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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