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Why SEO? What is SEO? Keywords, tools, techniques, training and services

 Summary: SEO, Search engine optimization is a must for a website to get more visitors. Why SEO and what is SEO... answer all your queries about SEO including tools, techniques, training, service providers...

Why SEO is required?

SEO is required to promote your website, web page, and business. Business, industries, institutions, and organizations design and develop their websites to display themselves and their activities on the World Wide Web. The purpose of a website or a web page is to bring visitors through Digital Marketing. However, most of the websites fail to attract and retain visitors. There are several reasons behind this. Search engine optimization, SEO brings more visitors to a particular website or webpage removing those internal and external barriers.
The website is a showcase for a business and organization. It displays anything and everything about the organization. What is the benefit of displaying if no one views that? In most of the cases, websites can attract very few viewers without SEO. A website is an orphan without SEO.

SEO not only brings visitors and customers to the website but also retain them on the site or web page. It also acts to achieve certain predefined goals of the website. SEO brings more visitors to the website who in turn become customers for a businessman. Thus, it can promote business and boost sales. A business can increase its profitability through SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is the short form or abbreviation of search engine optimization. It optimizes a website or a web page for search engines. Search engines respond to a particular query bringing links to several web pages. Search engines bring this result in a form of a list. Normally there are ten links on a search page. Search engines show hundreds of thousands of results to a particular query typed by a viewer in its search.
How many pages do you see while viewing your search results? One, two or three? Do you see beyond that? Most of the viewers do not move beyond the third page. Moreover, highest percentage typically clicks to the sites on the first page. However, there are hundreds of thousands of pages they ignore. SEO brings websites and web pages up in the search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO professionals and SEO companies use various tools and techniques to bring a website up in the SERPs. It needs lots of training and experience to provide successful SEO.

Role of Keywords in SEO

Choosing right keywords is very important for SEO. Keywords are the search words that visitors typically type as a query in search engines. Keywords are also called meta tags. One has to choose relevant and popular keywords matched with the organizational goals.
It is advisable to write your web title (Title tag) and web content relevant to keywords. Ideally, content should have 3 to 7 percent keyword density. You can use Google Adwords keyword tool and Google analytics to find out your relevant keywords. Carefully chosen keywords are your gateway to successful SEO.

SEO Techniques

SEO service providers do a lot to optimize a site. They do research and analysis of the website before starting optimization. The research and analysis include Site Analysis, Keyword Research, Keyword Popularity Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Meta tag analysis etc. They start working on the site after preparing analysis report. They start with creating a title, title tags, and Meta tags according to the report.
Content is king while it comes to SEO. Hence, writing content in a search engine as well as the user-friendly way is the key to success. Top SEO companies emphasis on SEO Copywriting that takes care of title tag, Meta tags, and business goal of the website owner. It also cares about the visitors and the content comes in a user-friendly way. The secret behind SEO technique is writing good quality, unique content.
Language and grammar play a great role while writing good quality content. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors annoyed visitors so as punctuations. Quality SEO companies and service providers keep them alert for these. They also use images and videos with text while generating content. It is better to have a judicious mixture of all these.

Basic and advanced Link Wheel Structure

(This image portraits the basic form of a link wheel. A link wheel is one of many strategies used in internet marketing and search engine optimization as a way to drive visitors to websites).
Site Map Creation is another vital job of an expert SEO service provider. Navigation should be understandable and meaningful. Good navigation system allows users to flow freely from content to another desired content. Menu bars, sidebars, drop down menu and internal links are parts of the navigating system in a web page.
Best SEO experts always emphasize on validating the website. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) provides validation check. A W3C validated website means it is error free for HTML and CSS. Website load time is also a key factor for SEO.
Traffic comes through external links. External links come from various other web pages and websites. Sometimes it happens naturally when a website links your web page or website voluntarily. However, most of the times SEO companies create links for your websites.
Above-mentioned are the main SEO techniques that the best SEO service providers use to bring up your website in SERPs.

SEO tools

SEO service providers use several SEO tools while applying techniques to optimize the sites. Meta tag analyzer, Kew word analyzer, SERP analyzer, Link popularity checker are few of these SEO tools.
Meta tag analyzer tells us about Meta tags. It informs us about what Meta tags should be added, changed or removed. SEO experts can check the position of a web page in search engine result pages using SERP analyzer.
Google Adwords keyword tool is a good tool for checking and analyzing keywords traffic. It informs both local and global searches. Moreover, it informs us about related search words. It is wonderful for writing keyword rich content.
Link popularity checker is an SEO tool that informs us about a number of links (both internal and external) indexed in search engines.
Spelling and grammar check tools such as spell checker help us in writing error-free text content.
Web directories, Search engines, other websites, blogs, forums, News sites, Video and article submission sites are main tools for link building.

SEO service

Large numbers of people and SEO companies claim that they are experts in SEO. They even promote your site to bring in the first place in Google search results. Most of them promise you false. Sometimes they do black hat SEO. It can result in banning your site from SERPs.
Choose your SEO service provider carefully. Do not believe in false promises. SEO is a tough and time-consuming job and requires patience. Even top SEO experts need months to bring your site to the first page for high competition keywords. Test his or her knowledge and capability of SEO. Verify your SEO service provider or SEO Company with his track record. See testimonials before ordering search engine optimization of your website.
SEO, as I have told repeatedly, is a time-consuming job that needs education, training, and experience. Hence, do not search for cheapest. You want quality service and pay accordingly.

SEO video for Startups

SEO training

Search engine optimization, SEO is a specialized job. Like any other specialized work, it needs training and experience. There are large numbers of self-acclaimed trainers in the market. However, only a few are really good trainers.
It will be better to test those trainers on the parameters written above in this article. It is advisable to examine them whether they are experts in SEO tools and techniques before admitting in a training institute.
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