Thursday, June 8, 2017

Election Manager, the mobile app to manage election effectively

Election Manager
The election is a regular process in all democratic countries. It happens in the US, in European Union, and Asian countries.

Vote Election in the US
The US elections 

India is a democratic country and elections go on regularly at the different time and places. The election is a festival of democracy. It is so deep rooted in Indian culture that elections are a regular process not only in the political system but in the social system.

We see elections in societies, religious communities, cooperative societies, clubs, colleges and universities and in other organizations. The system uses a huge amount of time, money and energy in the election process. But the million dollar question is whether we are able to manage it effectively and efficiently?

Election campaign

Election campaign 

Election manager, the mobile application is here to help you in managing your campaign and polling needs. It starts right from listing your voters and updating their data to direct your energy to the targeted audience. It helps in managing your phone calls, voice calls, SMS, WhatsApp and other social media campaign. It also supports you in physical campaign guiding you to the reallocation of your voters.

Voter’s turnout is the biggest problem during the polling. All the candidates, groups or parties want to bring their supporters to the polling booth. Your probability of winning an election is directly proportionate to supporters turn out. Hence, more the supporters you bring out you brighten your chance of winning.  

Volunteers in an election try to locate the voters (supporters) and to bring them into the polling station. The app “Election Manager” helps here by providing real-time data of polling. A volunteer can then target the voter to bring them out. You can directly call or message the voter through the app. It also guides you to physically reach to the voter if required. This saves a lot of energy and time during the polling process enhancing your probabilities in winning the election.

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