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Three tips to convert web visitors into customers

3 Tips to convert web visitors into customers

You have a website or mobile applications like many. You have engaged SEO experts to drive traffic to your website or mobile app. You have tons of traffic. Yet you are not getting enough customers? Right?

Here is the top secret of converting web traffic to customers, the tip. Most of the business owners focus on design and thrive to have a well-designed website or mobile application. They perhaps are able to create an eye-catching, colorful presence that attracts visitors. It is obvious that visitors stay there for a while and may praise the design. However, this is not enough to accomplish your goal.  After all, you have spent huge money and time in developing these to get customers. You have spent a lot on Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimization. What if, you are not getting customers?

You have invested money and time in your digital presence and you deserve Return on Investment (ROI). Here is the catch. Most of the web and app developers don't focus on your business; they are concerned about their own. They design and develop their own way without focusing on your needs of getting customers.

SEO and SMO place your website or app in a better position in search results and that sends visitors to your website or mobile application. However mere visiting does not mean much. If someone contacts you or sign up it is something meaningful. A better architecture helps you to motivate visitors to do something through your web or mobile platform.

Tips to convert visitors into customers are simple. It is not the design but it lies in the architecture of the website or mobile application. Yes, architecture, a less uttered word in the digital arena, is the secret. Architecture plays a vital role in bringing customers to your desk.

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1. One page website

Since Microsoft brought the concept of the one-page website to promote Windows in 2003, it has gone a long way. It is the most popular web architecture in these days. Focused, smooth navigation is the keyword. It is, therefore, advisable to create a one-pager instead of choosing a classical design. It keeps a visitor much more time on the website in comparison to classically designed websites. A visitor can know more about you and your business while spending more time on your website. It creates more impact on the web visitor. The visitor spending more time is more likely to be a potential customer. This video can tell you more about One-page website.

2. Interactive website and mobile app

Do you know that most of the classical websites are not interactive? These sites talk about you and your business but don't talk to the visitors. Most of the visitors don't like one-way communication. They are willing to communicate with you through the website. It will, therefore, be better to design and develop an interactive and communicative website or mobile application. These interactives engage the visitor much more time than the classical non-communicative ones. It sounds very simple but has an enormous impact on the visitor. Extended engagement means more chance of conversion. Here is a video that can give you some insight on an interactive website.

This video will tell you something about interactive mobile app

3. Call to action buttons 

Call to action buttons is the most important tool in converting visitors into clients. A well-architectured website or mobile app has the proper call to action buttons placed in appropriate places. Only an expert knows where to place these buttons so that the visitor can communicate with you at the right time and right place. This helps you in getting information about your visitor, his or her name, Company name, mail address, mobile numbers etc.  You get a chance to communicate further with the visitor with this information. Moreover, you can research about the visitor, his or her nature of business or organization, requirements etc that gives you an opportunity to know the visitor better, hence, converting him or her into a customer. This is the top secret that converts a visitor into a customer.

This is a must watch video that tells you the secret of converting visitors into customers and help you in increasing sales.

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