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Technology Frameworks Blog Index Part 2

Technology Frameworks Blog Index Part 2

We have already published Part 1 of the Technology Frameworks Blog Index and now taking an opportunity to publish part 2 of the same to add a few more blogs for your perusal. It is a well-known fact that frameworks are playing a great role in web and mobile app development. Whether you are a tech-savvy person or a common man, these blogs will help in enhancing your knowledge. We are providing a brief about the blogs before the links with a Read More tag.  

If you want to read some other types of tech blogs you may select from here. 

Angular JS Technology Frameworks
Angular JS Technology Frameworks
There are numbers of frameworks that are accessible in the current. But the count of reliable frameworks is limited. Obviously, every technology has its own strong points and drawbacks. Picking up the right one for exact areas of usage is completely based on the requirements of the particular project. Before selecting a framework you may have to explore some of its aspects. They include features that make it unique. Its simplicity and ease of use, reliability, security standards, supporting community, popularity among developers, documentation features available, etc. For the success of any project, the developer should be ready to adapt to the changes.  In addition, he must be robust in technology. In this article, we will compare various frameworks. We compare react native vs flutter vs ionic vs native script vs PWA. Certainly, this will help to understand the frameworks. Read More
React Native vs Flutter vs Ionic vs Native Script vs PWA

The increase in the use of mobile devices, especially in Apple, has transformed the mobile app development sector completely. Apple developed and unveiled the iOS operating system to the world in 2007. The iOS OS was far ahead of the other mobile operating systems available during that period of time. The changes we are witnessing evidence of technological advancement in the last few years ever since iOS has been introduced. Apple’s capability to upgrade its operating system in recent years is a proven fact. Interestingly, it is using popular programming languages to build applications. Moreover, Apple managed to create an efficient language Swift to eliminate some of Objective-C’s drawbacks. Swift has evolved to support the iOS developers to build app efficiently. Read More
Swift vs Objective C trends For iOS Development

While building cross-platform apps, it is a questionable choice for developers to choose between React Native and Native Scripts. The primary argument is around the scope of the app. Questions also arise that should they build the web app using a hybrid framework or using native APIs?  But if you have planned to work on a native mobile app, these options may not be applicable. With the evolution of both Angular 2 and Native to React, the flexibility of building multi-platform apps has increased considerably. When compared to React, Native Script has a comprehensive and all-inclusive methodology to app development. Programmers can develop it just once and run it through various devices and platforms.

React Native, a recently developed program has turned out to be an undoubtedly remarkable framework. Developers can use it for building apps and develop cross-platform mobile UI elements. Some contributors also modified the structure to create web apps for Mackintosh and Windows. If you are thinking to develop a React project, you can write the efficient Kendo UI component within a few lines of code.  Read More
How Is Angular 2 Native Script Different From React Native

When it is the matter of app development, JavaScript frameworks are the most preferred platform for a programmer as well as the businesses. You might have explored a few JS framework too. JavaScript is rapidly growing and is turning out to be stable and effective. Developers use these frameworks predominantly to develop a lively up-to-date application, real-time messaging, eCommerce related web apps or mobile apps.

JavaScript is the world’s most widely implemented technology. Let it be user interfaces or scripting server sides or client-side or building robust web pages, JavaScript plays an important role in it. The learning curve for JavaScript includes a wide variety of development tools to JavaScript library functionalities.  Read More
Top JavaScript Frameworks

Mobile apps are turning out to be an essential need for every individual. Right from food orders to shopping we rely on mobile apps. Frankly speaking, Google and Apple’s app store are the most visited shopping center. Nowadays, Mobile app development is one of the rapidly growing industries in the software industry. The developers have a wide range of choice for developing their dream app. It can be up-to-date operating systems and new technologies. As a matter of fact, iOS and Android are the choicest App development platforms. When users search for a new app, their app purchases are based on the features of the app. Now we discuss iOS vs Android App development. Read More
Android vs iOS App Development Speed And Cost

People, unfamiliar with the area of mobile application development, find it concerning the language to pick for development. In spite of the inevitable name of Java, Kotlin managed to fill that after its inception. So, does it make a better choice than Java? The answer might be a No. Surely, we need to discuss the advantages and drawbacks of Kotlin vs Java in detail. Now let’s quickly know the positives and negatives of both programming languages. And then we can see which technology is optimal to adapt.  Read More
Kotlin vs Java Programming Languages- Pros and Cons

We exist in the technologically advanced period where we can complete a task in several ways. This applies to the app development process as well. Programmers develop a bundle of various theories and technologies every day, thus evading all the old techniques. Everybody including the significant tech giants adapts to these changes. Ionic 2, React Native and Native Script are some of the frameworks for Mobile App Development.  It is imperative to stay updated in this rapidly changing ecosystem.

Hybrid Applications

To build hybrid applications, mobile development companies are using the most advanced technologies that will best suit their needs. To construct a multi-platform based mobile app the developers can choose between ionic 2 vs. React Native vs. Native Script. Before picking up the right technology, it is essential to know the various features, pros, and cons of them. You can build dynamic, cross-platform applications using these technologies. These Frameworks uses JavaScript as the basis for their programming. Read More
Frameworks- Ionic 2 vs React Native vs Native Script

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Technology Frameworks Blog Index

Technology Frameworks Blog Index

Advancement in technology has simplified web and mobile app development. Various technology frameworks and platforms have come into existence. These are to help programmers and coders in developing robust and scalable applications. Moreover, these frameworks have reduced work hours and technical difficulties while coding web and mobile apps. People want to know about these frameworks and to do so, read the blogs. We are creating a Blog Index for Technology Frameworks for your perusal.  

PHP Framework and CMS
PHP Framework and CMS
There are Native and Hybrid frameworks for developing cross-platform applications. Also, we see large numbers of Javascript frameworks and their updated versions. All these provide technical ease to the developers and coders.  Moreover, customers get a better application for their enterprises and organizations.
We have categorized technology blogs and providing here a blog list or blog index for frameworks. Also, a brief description of the blog is added before the link.  You can select from the blog list and click to the link given after a Read More tag.  

You may also go to the blog indexes: 

Framework Blogs

The hybrid applications work harmoniously on many platforms without any disturbance. Using these frameworks, the users can easily build mobile and web apps effortlessly which can work across various technologies. Eventually, this leads to cost-effective software development. Native applications are usually time-consuming. Hence, the requirement for cross-platform or hybrid apps is very much essential. The most crucial point about this whole process is you need high-quality and advanced mobile app framework to build hybrid applications. So, you have to pick a portable structure wisely. Next, let’s have a look at the best hybrid Mobile app development Frameworks in 2019 by functionalities, features, and UX. Read More
The Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks

JavaScript combat is a continuous one. To develop websites, JavaScript frameworks act as a pioneer and favorite for the developer. However, choosing one of the JavaScript applications often raises a question of whether you prefer Angularjs, Node js, or React js. Before turning to JavaScript Development Services, you need to know and understand the difference between the three frameworks, AngularJS, NodeJS, and  ReactJS; their features, and their benefits.

Therefore, we will study the parallels between these three JavaScript frameworks and ponder in-depth into the understanding of JavaScript development, JavaScript frameworks, and enhancing performance. And we need to know, what makes these three frameworks distinct and how convenient are they for JavaScript software development? We are familiar with the fact that we are running towards the next generation of JavaScript, customizable as per our requests. For the same purpose, we have Angular JS, React JS, and Node JS. These three are the most useful coding languages of the present. Here is the outline about Angularjs, React JS, and Node JS. Read More
Javascript Frameworks – AngularJS vs NodeJS vs ReactJS

Technology leanings keep improving, and we should be ready to adapt to those changes as and when required. Java and Nodejs both are equally important in web development. Nodejs recently has gained its development practice compared to Java. This is to be noted that Java has existed for ages while Node.js has acquired popularity in recent days. Let us compare Node.js and Java to understand which is better. Read More
Nodejs vs Java An Epic Battle

Migrating the files to Swift gives a chance to return to a current Objective C code and enhance its design, rationale, and execution. This happens supplanting bits of it in with Swift. If you wish to convert the entire project applications like Swiftify, improve the way towards decoding the source code from Objective C to Swift. The ability to exchange property syntax makes it possible to integrate the changed over code once again into the Objective C project with no issue. This implies you can utilize Swiftify to know Swift’s appropriate usefulness at any point in time. Later you can incorporate these into your Objective-C files without altering the source code to Swift.

Even though Swift evolved much later compared to Objective C it has outshined the later to turn out to be the favorite of iOS developers. Why so?  Read More
Convert Objective C App to Swift

The JavaScript frameworks are the hottest topics in recent years. Among which ReactJS, a Javascript library and React Native, a framework are the most popular ones. Even though you can find a lot of similarities between them, they still have some distinctive differences. When you are trying to build native or hybrid applications, you must know the main dissimilarities between them to choose the best technology for your project.

Reactjs is a Library of JavaScript Whereas React Native is a Mobile Application Development Framework. Below is a summary of the significant differences between these two frameworks. This will give you an overview of their strong points and the primary variances. Read More
The Major Differences Between ReactJS And React Native

 Everything is being modernized and technology-oriented these days. We can see this everywhere from our everyday lives to running a business. As a matter of fact, all these new-fangled technologies are rapidly overtaking the conventional business etiquettes. And as a business owner, one has to understand web development frameworks. Certainly, this is what work behind your web presence providing effective and better web development solutions.

In addition, the good old traditional methods are no longer effective to make a mark in your respective industries. One of the fundamental and requisite things is having their respective websites. This is what the contemporary business style has implied to every sector. You need a website that defines your company. No matter whether you have an established business running for decades or recently stepped in the entrepreneurship world,  Moreover, one has to develop the web with the latest technology using top web development frameworks.  Read More
Top Web Development Frameworks of 2019

AngularJS versions
AngularJS Versions

The basic expectation of the users is the need for consistency from the AngularJS framework. Constancy makes the reusable modules and libraries, classes, resources, and procedures to be used with any version of Angular JS. This consistency is much needed for the Angular JS Framework ecosystem to succeed. Google has developed AngularJS or Angular 1.0, a JavaScript-based framework used to build the front-end. It is a superset of JavaScript Framework.

Developers utilize it mostly in Single Page Applications (SPA) type of projects. It incorporates HTML DOM with new characteristics and makes it agile to respond to user commands.  Experts considerAngularJs to be the most SEO friendly language when compared to Angular. Its objective is to make the development and the QA process simple and efficient. AngularJs is open source, and totally free. As a result, large numbers of application development teams across the globe utilize the framework. Read More
AngularJS Framework And Its Different Releases Till Date

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Business and Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO Blog Index

Business and Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO Blog Index

We have prepared a blog index for a Business and Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO for the ease of users.

Digital Marketing in Business
Digital Marketing in Business
It is not enough to design and develop websites, eCommerce or mobile applications to attract clients and boost your business. You have to market your website, mobile app or eCommerce so that customers can visit your website or store. Digital marketing is as important as traditional offline marketing. Right from Internal linking and on-page SEO you have to work a lot for digital marketing. 

Additionally, you have to go for external link building or SEO, Social  Media Optimization, SMO and Social Media Marketing, SMO as a complete strategy for digital marketing. It is a difficult task for a businessman. Hence it is better to hire a digital marketing company for the same. However, you need to know the ins and outs of the digital marketing process. There are several blogs written on the topic and we have also shared some of those.  How our blog index works? A short description is provided about the blog followed by a Read More tag and a link to the blog post.

Digital Marketing SEO and SMO

Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are commonly used in the main navigation. They are useful majorly for three reasons, like, they allow users to navigate a website, they help establish information hierarchy for the given website and they help spread link juice (ranking power) around the website. Internal link building is the most important part of eCommerce SEO, as it can reduce the bounce rate, help stay visitors, and boost the ROI. Read More

Internal Link Building Tips To Improve eCommerce SEO!

If you think having a mobile application or a dynamic website is enough to create buzz around the world for your business then you must not have the idea of how powerful is social media becoming for every type of business these days. Hence, social media marketing, SMM or social media optimization, SMO is a must nowadays. Read More

Why Social Media Marketing Is Necessary For Any Business Today?

It is a well-known fact that the internet, website and mobile app plays a vital role in today's business. Digitizing your business is an important aspect of the modern business trend. Present day entrepreneurs know the fact very well. As a business person or StartUp, you need to know about these strategies. Our Business and Marketing blogs will help you enhance your knowledge in these fields. A blog index for business and marketing that includes SEO and SMO will help you reach to the blogs of your interest.

Business and Marketing

Business needs to digitize. This is growing at a rapid pace as more consumers swarm the internet to make the best purchases. The internet has a major role to play in the shift towards the digitization of business processes. Read about full-proof strategies to digitize business. 

Digitize Business

Assume that you need to buy a new television. You go to your nearest electronic store and buy one with a 5% discount. A few days later, you find out that you could’ve bought the same television for a 10% discount from another store. And even made a 5% cash back on the same tv, from the same store’s online portal or mobile application. Read More
5 Foolproof Strategies To Digitize Your Business

Not surprised by the headline. It was quite predictable to have 1 Billion Smartphones sales by 2015 as the growth of mobile internet users has no signs of slowing down. According to data launched by the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s OnlineMasters in Management Information System, there will be a sale of 1 billion smartphones by 2015, twice as many as a number of personal computers. Read More

The Mobile Trend Continues: 1 Billion Smartphones Sales

With the rapidly changing world of technology, business marketing strategies have also been shifting to a more digital way. Mobile applications are getting popular both to business owners and customers. if someone thinks these mobile apps are solely for big brands like Walmart, Apple, Dell or Bank of America then he or she is wrong.

Mobile Applications for your Business

More and more small companies, nowadays, are following the mobile trend. They are understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website. After all, the way today’s market is going mobile, applications help them keep pace. You may have also noticed that many small companies have their own dedicated mobile app, be it the designer clothing shop or the beauty salon downtown. These companies and many similars are ahead of the mobile trend when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level. Read More

As a modern entrepreneur, you are aware of the benefits of offshore outsourcing. When you run a business, there are various aspects you need to take care of the like business concept. Moreover, you have to look after financial features, market, management, customers/clients, promotion, facilities, location, etc. You must be aware of the online marketing world which is now very important for the success of any business. As internet is grown a complete business world in itself, every entrepreneur wants to socialize, popularize his or her business through websites and mobile applications.
With a website you simply let the mass audience to know about your presence in the market. In addition, you can also increase your earnings and revenue by attracting more clients. You can extend your business around the world with the help of the website. Now if you have decided to build a website for your business, don’t indulge your time and money doing the work itself, while there are cost-effective, time-saving services available. Yes, outsourcing IT services for your online marketing tasks is a smart move for many businesses. There are very talented and experienced companies providing outsourcing IT services in India. Here you can read what are the benefits of outsourcing? Read More
Benefits Of Outsourcing Website And Mobile App Development!

There was a time when keywords ruled, there was a time when links ruled but good content and ethical practices for links will always rule. Social media cannot be ignored either. Social media alone accounts for a large share of internet marketing efforts.
Although the trends are changing overnight, there are some strategies that are perpetual and stand good for the future. The way people use the Internet changes with time, and it affects other forms of media and marketing. Here are four emerging internet trends business owners should keep an eye on. Read More
Outsourcing is a process of shifting or delegating a company’s day to day operations or business development to an extended service provider.  This is done in anticipation of better quality, lower expenses and in a sense getting an edge over one’s competitors. This is also true for outsourcing mobile app development. When a company or organization’s business processes are outsourced to firms overseas, this entire procedure could be defined as offshore outsourcing or offshoring. Nowadays, not only computers but even mobile phones are used for outsourcing. Read More

Advantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development!

Three tips to convert web visitors into customers

Vardhaman Infotech
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Blog Index Web Design-Development and eCommerce blogs

Blog Index Web Design-development and eCommerce blogs

Web design and development

As you know, we are working on indexing our blogs on various technology related blogs. We have already made a list and indexed Mobile Application Development blogs and On-Demand Mobile App blogs and posted in our previous blogs. 

Web applications are also as important as mobile applications and on-demand mobile apps. We cannot also ignore the utility of eCommerce websites at present scenario. Hence we are indexing these blogs related to Web Design-development and eCommerce blogs and providing a list of the said blogs. This index will help you find blogs of your choice. In addition, a brief of the blog posts is written with a tag Read More. Please click the link below the Read More tag of your selected blog. Thanks! Happy reading.

Web design development

 Web design and development

With the growing usage of internet and technology, the eCommerce sector is now booming to another level. Each passing day, we see every industry coming up with their own e-commerce platforms. Moreover, they are making it smoother every day. Now, no more going to grocery stores or malls or supermarkets. Everything is on the tip of your fingers. Magento website or Magento eCommerce website is trendy and this article tells you about Magento websites and its cost.
However, if you’re a tech-savvy or a person interested in technology, have you ever wondered how do these e-commerce websites run? And how it runs so efficiently? It is all about choosing the right tech-company or an ace web developer. Necessarily, They develop a Magento eCommerce for smooth working. Coming back to the topic, making a website is no rocket science. Nevertheless, the real challenge is to make sure all of its features are running methodically. Here’s where a Magento website comes into the picture. Read More

How Much A Magento Website Development Will Cost You

“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.” Dr. Christopher Dayagdag’s words focus on one single aspect—quality. You’ll have to rewind and compare the web development trends from yesteryears and today to get a better understanding of the same. And how far it has traveled to date.
Technology, as you know, keeps getting better. What was hip before is now archaic? There are demands placed by new businesses and enterprises that push the boundaries of web development every day. Read More
Web Development: Top 8 Trends You Should Know in 2018

Imagine a scenario where online shopping on platforms like Amazon doesn’t exist at all. You’ll have to roll back the years when eCommerce web development was in its nascent stage and the dotcom boom had just begun. Now, Amazon is there and you may love to develop a website like Amazon.
Was shopping for a variety of items difficult back then?
Not really. You went to a convenience store or a market to get everything on your shopping list. People still do it today. But speaking of today, there is a much faster, better, time-saving, effortless way to shop—online. And Amazon is arguably one of the best online retailers to help you do it. This post has been specifically written to educate you about a website like Amazon. In fact, it’ll reveal why their services are revolutionary and what separates them from other eCommerce venture. Read More
An Innovator’s Guide On How To Develop A Website Like Amazon

Website design and development is an art embedded with technology. Designing and developing an effective website is not an individual’s task but a whole collection of different skills get to involve in the process. You will read more about the design and development stages in this blog.  

Art of effective web design and development

From typography and copywriting to layout and art, they all combined together to develop an interface that not only features a pleasant aesthetic but that communicates functions and facilitates easy access to its content. It takes creative efforts to make a website easy to use. Hence, your visitors will love to see the website and come to visit again and again as the experience is simple, less complicated and quick. However, in order to achieve successful results, one must have a clear direction. Obviously,  a direction that will guide each and every aspect of your web design towards common goals. Read More
Effective Website Design And Development Stages!

With the rapidly growing internet market, web designing trends have also been taking a toll higher than ever before. It becomes more like a competition among web designers to bring out attractive, innovative and user-friendly website layouts. In fact, web designing is acting like a fashion industry where what’s in one day could be totally played by the end of the week. In that case, web designers have to really be up on all the new trends to be relevant and abreast of what’s next after that trend. Here we discuss fresh and creative web design techniques which are ruling nowadays and going to do the same in coming time. Read More

Fresh and Creative Web Design Techniques!

Experts consider Web designing as an art which attracts people and bound them to stay longer on the website. It is better to design a layout of the website inviting and allowing visitors to sit, relax, hang out, and maybe look around a bit. The best way to achieve this is through visual balance. Visual balance is basically just balancing design elements off of each other. Here you can read the best elements to learn how to balance composition for website layouts. Read More

Learn How To Balance Composition for Website Layouts!

According to a survey, Global mobile e-Commerce or m-Commerce will cross $600 billion business by 2018. Yes, the amount is huge but the way mobile app market is growing, it is believable. In the last few years, mobile design has exploded, but knowing what to do and where to start can be tricky. Mobile design is not just a question of a mobile website or an app – there is a range of options in between and aspects to take into account. If you are also into mobile website development or app development then here are few must-to-follow tips. Read More

Must-Have Tips to Design and Develop Responsive Mobile Website!

Like your smartphone needs frequent update versions to run properly and more smartly, your website also asks for renovation time to time. It doesn’t matter you already have a dynamic website or a soberly attractive one. With technology developing and changing the way, it is essential to make exciting changes rapidly that can draw in your users and also keep them interested. Read More

Website Renovation Principles- New Technology!

eCommerce Blogs

Nowadays, eCommerce website is a need for most of the businesses. Business enterprises and individuals endeavor to develop their own eCommerce applications. Being a technology hub, Indian city Jaipur has many development centers. A few companies are the best eCommerce website development ability and aptitude. It can be a good choice to engage with an eCommerce development company in Jaipur. We will discuss, para by para, eCommerce, about the website, about plan and design, and about eCommerce development in Jaipur. Also, a brief description of Jaipur city, its heritage, arts, culture, and business will delight you.  Please stay with us till the end.

With expeditiously growing interests of people looking to develop an on-demand e-commerce website, our clients have often complained about various web developers quoting them haywire figures when it comes to the commercials for developing and maintaining such websites. The commercials certainly differ depending on your needs. Moreover, it depends on whether you’re choosing a freelance web developer or professional tech-savvy company.
Once you understand and have your requirements, type of platforms, and the source doing this job in place, here’s an in-depth breakdown of the costs of development and maintenance of your e-commerce website: Read More

Users are thankful for the internet revolution that has made shopping experience possible anywhere and anytime. This happened through the e-commerce marketplace apps like OLX, Letgo, and Quikr. With the evolution of digitization, the entire commerce sector has refurbished itself into eCommerce. Consumers have started to shop online easily from home! There are a number of ways to build an e-commerce marketplace app like Letgo, OLX, and Quikr. If you wish to develop an interactive app, there are a few approaches to do it. You can plan to involve expert development firm to do the work for you, or utilize the available handy script to build online marketplaces apps like Letgo, OLX, and Quikr. Read More

Develop An eCommerce Marketplace App Like Olx, Letgo, and Quikr

The big day is just weeks or days away, isn’t it? It’s exciting to just think about how your customers are going to receive your eCommerce services. At the same time, you’ll always feel that you’re missing out on a few key things that might affect its potential after the final launch.
Don’t worry; here’s a checklist of 18 essential things you should go over to ensure risk-free eCommerce development and a successful launch. Read More

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Blog Index On-Demand Mobile Apps

Blog Index On-Demand Mobile Apps

Blogs are important for a person whether a businessman, entrepreneur, StartUp or a developer. Even a layman reads a blog of his or her choice to know about a particular topic. In the fast-moving world, blog writing has come up as a trend. However, there are only a few efforts to index the blogs. Blog readers, therefore find difficulties in searching for their choice. 

We are listing here a very important blog first before moving to the blog index. This is about Blockchain technology and business application. 
Blockchain Technology And Business Applications Trends

We, at Vardhaman Infotech, are working to solve this generalized problem and started indexing technology blogs. We have indexed Mobile Application related blogs in our previous post and now focusing only on on-demand mobile apps. Intentionally, we left on-demand mobile apps blogs in our last post and listing all of them in this blog post. 

We believe that this one will help you in finding blogs about on-demand mobile apps. We have tried to write a short description of every blog post followed by a Read more tag. You can read the short description and get the liberty to go through the whole blog post about on-demand mobile applications clicking into the links below.  

Technology related blog posts Vardhaman Infotech
Technology related blog posts
On-Demand Mobile Applications

On-demand Apps are the talk of the town and high in demand. The world is moving on the wheels of digitization. As a result, people are looking for goods and services, at their fingertips. As a result, on-demand mobile apps likes of on-demand food delivery app or on-demand taxi app are high in demand. Large numbers of eCommerce ventures are providing services to the doorstep of the consumers through this technology.

Today, the real estate sector has grown enough and has started utilizing online App like Zillow Trulia to a greater extent. Of course, various industries including the real estate market, echos the evolution in technology.  Purchasers and landlords choose to use a personalized mobile application to hunt for property either to sale-buy them or lease them out. With these apps, it has become effortless to lease or even purchase a house or other properties. But why is there a need to build similar apps? users are getting used to their mobile phones with all of the data available on the internet and mobile apps.
Read More

On-Demand Mobile Apps Like Taxi And Food Delivery

Zillow Trulia is a famous app for Real estate sector. They find it the most relaxed and dependable source to get information or utilize services. In every sector of businesses across the globe, the digital elements are stretching their wings from websites to mobile applications. And real estate is no different from it. With the appropriate Real Estate Apps, the users can make an inquiry related to a property, View the properties virtually. You can also develop and own a Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia. As a result, you can develop a business around it and earn much money out of it.
Read More

Develop Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia

A mobile app like Uber for a handyman can benefit both the entrepreneur and the customers in several ways. Want to fix a leaking ceiling roof or modernize your kitchen? You can always look for the best pros on-demand apps for a handyman and accomplish the job in a hassle free way. On-demand services app is the trend nowadays and we cannot ignore its significance. The app like Uber for handyman benefit consumers in a lot of ways whether finishing off odd jobs at home, saving time, or being stress-free. Above all these apps help in saving cost.

You can download these handyman apps like Uber from the app store easily. You can ensure the quality of the service through the rate and review features available on the app. Gone are the days when you had to hunt for several contractors, talk to them individually to know the charges and then decide the best one. Currently, through these on-demand apps, you can lease out someone in less time to finish the task spending lesser money.
Read More

Building An App Like Uber For A Handyman

Features Free Stock Trading on-demand Mobile App
Features of a Free Stock Trading Mobile App
Are you searching for the best app to scrutinize the stocks you wish to buy and sell stocks, or do you have a preference to bank on a particular portfolio? Are you thinking to endow recurrently or is this just a tryout? And what is your initial investment amount? To do all these, you, the user might need the best app which can do all of these in just one click.
Read More

A Complete Guide To Building A Free Stock Trading App

Music has become such an integral part of our lives. There’s not a single day that we go without listening to music. Every day, we end up discovering something new and innovative which makes us feel like having our own customized collection.  To find such good, innovative, authentic, and raw music, some tech-genius created a platform, a music streaming app. Yes, you can find all the music under one roof in clicks. No, not Youtube. An App like Pandora Radio provides this facility.
Read More

How Much a Music Streaming App Like Pandora Radio Costs?

Real estate industry is booming rapidly, all thanks to the persistent efforts in the infrastructure sector. With evolving options, there is a constant and tenacious competition within the industry itself. Today, traditional methods of advertisements and marketing are not that effective as compared to the modern and up-to-date mechanisms. A Real Estate App Like Zillow or Trulia can be an effective tool in present days scenario.
Read More

How Can You Develop A Real Estate App Like Zillow or Trulia

In today’s lives, our priority list goes as family, career, friends, and then if we get some time, we focus on our daily chores and often leave it unattended. As a result, we normally keep these chores pending intentionally or unintentionally. What if we tell you that there’s someone who can cover all these tasks up for you? And that too, as per your convenience and keeping your needs in mind. On-demand mobile apps like TaskRabbit is there to help you. Nowadays, technology has such advanced, a few clicks can do even the smallest of the things we need in our daily lives.
Read More

On-Demand Apps Like TaskRabbit – Makes Lives Simpler

Nowadays, sports has become a religion for everyone. It is not just a mere source of entertainment anymore. Would you believe if we said there are people who gamble on various sports like football, tennis, horses, etc and make a substantial living out of it? It was considered universally illegal until something noticeable happened. Apparently, this gambling was given a bona fide authorization for doing business out of it. One of the companies to bring in this gambling culture and making it legal was William Hill.
Read More

Develop A Sports Betting App Like William Hill? – Features And Costing

With $713 million revenue in the last year, Yelp has become huge and influential. It has evolved fast from a simple website to a multinational corporation and business platform for restaurants, shops, clubs, etc. It launched Yelp mobile app due to the ever-growing use of mobile devices, and now over 70% of traffic come from mobile. Today, many strive to develop an App like Yelp to promote businesses.

Before we review the issue of Yelp app cost, we should briefly highlight what is Yelp and what does it do. Basically, it is a service to guide you through city venues, check ratings and leave personal reviews.
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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Yelp?

 on demand mobile app Wash Clean Your Car
Wash and Clean Your Car in One Click
An on-demand car-wash mobile app has come as a blessing for the car owners. These days, transportation and modes of commutation have drastically evolved, all thanks to technology and various inventions. Having a private vehicle, especially a four-wheeler is gradually becoming more of a necessity and less of luxury. However, owning a car comes with several other expenses like maintenance, fuel, insurance, et cetera.

Nowadays, everything works on our fingers – from inquiring about your dream car to maintaining it. Every second day, there’s some of the other technology that makes our lives easier in terms of having everything at our doorstep. Hold on, is there a business idea popping in your mind? We’ve got your back!
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Cost Of Developing An On-Demand App That Offers Car Wash Service

A gloomy and silent waiting hall, appointments, nervousness to get inside the doctor’s room, is the traditional scene at every healthcare center. These scenarios have eventually increased the need for an on-demand healthcare App. The current state has considerably improved.  The credit goes to the advancement in mobile technology. As a result, we got the doctor on demand app or on-demand healthcare app.

These apps are now the forerunner in the healthcare industry. These on-demand healthcare applications brought an advantage for patients and healthcare professionals. These benefits physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. Hence, it is necessary for these on-demand healthcare apps to answer a few questions. The questions are likes of  Can you refer any good doctor? How are the services? Is the doctor affordable? etc.
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Doctor On-Demand App Startups To Consider The Features

Vardhaman Infotech
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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Technology Blog Index Mobile Application Development

Technology Blog Index Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development

All-pervading technology has overwhelmed us. It has taken over every walk of our life. Moreover, web applications and especially mobile applications have penetrated in everything from cradle to the grave. Let's take an example of our tours and travels. What we do before leaving? We book our train tickets, bus or a flight through a mobile app. We book our taxi while reaching the destination through an Uber-like taxi app. Next, we stay in a hotel booked through a mobile app.

Food delivery mobile app blog vardhaman infotech
Food delivery mobile app
Blogs, nowadays, play a major role in enhancing current knowledge. Hence, people are prone to reading blogs. However, they find difficulties in finding blogs of their choice. It is not classified nor indexed. Vardhaman Infotech, a tech-savvy IT Company in India, also has a blog section on their website. And, following the trend, the blog section has several articles about Mobile Applications and its development.  We have categorized the blogs and providing a list of blog posts which can be seen as an index to these blogs. 

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                  Frameworks Blog Index

We are providing a brief of the blog before the actual title and link to the blog. You can find, in this section, several articles about mobile app development, various types of apps, and about the cost of mobile development, etc. Please follow the links to enhance your knowledge about mobile apps.

Technology Blog Index Mobile Application Development

All thanks to evolving technology and some masterminds who make the utmost use of it, we were introduced to something known as Mobile Wallet Applications or an eWallet app. Since, demonetization has hit India, having tender or exact change had been difficult. Not only businesses had been affected, but also it has affected our everyday lives. eWallet Application or mobile wallet App has helped a lot in this situation.

In layman language, apps like Paytm, Paypal, etc are the eWallet or Mobile wallet apps. In addition, PayU Money, PhonePe, Google Pay, and several others are also in the league of mobile wallet apps. They made monetary transactions uninterrupted and our lives simpler. Especially Paytm in India used some brilliant marketing ideas and made the most of demonetization.
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Mobile Wallet App – Features And Development Cost

Mobile App for Currency Trading by Vardhaman Infotech
Mobile App for Currency Trading by Vardhaman Infotech
Technology has emerged to such a level that whatever you imagine you can easily give it a form, shape, or even a life, for that matter. Augmented Reality is one of the examples of such technology. To elaborate in a layman language, to augment means to reinforce or intensify something. Augmented Reality Apps come into the picture when you give a life of its own to a mere idea or a thought. Now, to know the features and benefits of Augmented Reality Mobile Apps and the development cost, please go through the blog.

Yes, technology has advanced to that level! Now, if the tech-savvy inside you is curious enough to know how and who develops such a technology, here we are to your rescue!
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Augmented Reality Apps- Features And Development Cost

Let it be food ordering, or taxi booking or any other on-demand service you need mobile application. Mobile apps play an important role both in business and your lifestyle. Do you know the cost of mobile app development? This blog will deal with the topic in detail.

With the advancement in technology, mobile apps have become a day to day essential in everybody’s life. Therefore, the usage of mobile apps for various purposes has now become a significant part for everyone. A simple app can change the way you run the business. It is important for an entrepreneur to calculate the cost of running the business. Moreover, he has to break the cost involved in various processes. Hence, he has to keep in mind the mobile application development cost and ROI.
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Tips to Calculate Mobile App Development Cost

Cheers to the emerging existence of alternative digital payment options, terms like cashless and contactless got into the technology lexis. This implies that we may not need our wallets anymore or maybe not even have to store the bills. In its place, you can simply “pay as you shop” with your mobile devices. Not just that you can pay at the retailers, but also transact with your friends and connections too.

You can also utilize as many of the amenities anywhere on the web stores. You can also use even in some mobile apps that request for in-app payment choices. Most of these NFC payment apps and services allow you to divide a payment. This is by just entering the total amount and all the contacts who have to share the bill. Indeed, they will have to sign up with the payment service. Most of these NFC apps have the loyalty program details to let you keep accumulating those reward points. PayPal, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are some of those NFC mobile Applications.
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5 Most Dependable NFC Payment Apps Like Apple And Google Pay

You’re probably here to know what would be the cost of creating an Android app for your venture. Very well. It’s the way to go forward in order to offer your product(s) or service(s) to a larger audience. 65% of online consumers use mobile applications as their primary source of online engagement. Couple this with a booming economy and the rapid emergence of entrepreneurs, the need for mobile application has never been more.

Here’s another figure for you: mobile app downloads touched a record high 197 billion in 2017. This is estimated to hit more than 350 billion by the year 2021. Most of people use Android mobile phones, hence, developing an Android app is beneficial for your business.  The blog will articulate para by para about benefits, types, platforms, design, and development and finally the cost of Android mobile app.
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Everything About Android Mobile App Development Cost

The way mobile internet users have been rapidly increasing, the day is near when mobile internet usage will finally surpass desktop internet use. In fact, according to the experts, 2015 will be the year when this milestone will come into existence. So, if you want to develop a mobile application for your business you may want to know some questions.
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What Questions To Ask Before Developing A Mobile Application?

In simple words, Cross-platform or hybrid mobile app development refers to the development of mobile apps that one can use on multiple mobile platforms. It is a technique of writing a single codebase for apps that one will eventually use on different Operating Systems.

The two major phone operating system Android and iOS are structurally different in their architecture. And both cause massive trouble for developers trying to make apps that cut cross their products. Google and Apple encourage to write code in contradicting ways. Thus, making it very difficult for programmers to write a singular codebase efficient on both platforms. It also means that developers will have to duplicate code and keep tweaking it to work for both platforms.
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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development- Pros and Cons

With unlimited applications in the mobile market, no users indulge time and money in such applications which takes more time in installation. Moreover, in those having a complicated menu and give complications to run. Hence, a developer has to remember these complications before designing mobile apps. Basically, a user downloads an app to make his life easier in terms of communication, purchasing, gaming, and other lifestyle-related things.
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Things To Remember While Designing Mobile Apps!

Mobile app developed by Vardhaman Infotech
Mobile app developed by Vardhaman Infotech
The way the app market has been building up it is estimated that it will have generated an impressive $38 billion by 2015. You might not believe but mobile app development trend is just in its beginning phase and this has been proved through a series of research studies.
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App Development Trends Probably Come In 2015!

Mobile application development is ever rising unit that is not going to stop any further. In fact, the world of mobile technology is growing each passing day and we can see regular updates in technologies and expansion in applications. You can see innovations and adoptions, updated versions, replacement of the older ones to newer. The application software sector is continuously working, improving and making human life better and better.

The latest trends in the development sector are focused to improve and facilitate the lifestyle of human beings. Vardhaman Infotech, the best and cost-effective among mobile application software development companies, have been developing mobile applications according to latest trends.
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Latest trends in Application Software Development!

Before we start discussing the latest trends in mobile technologies, we need to know about the population using smartphones. Nowadays, more than 1.75 billion smartphone users around the world are enjoying mobile technology to improve their lifestyle. The population of youth is higher in the percentage of people using the latest and trendy smartphones. They are smart enough to understand the uses and benefits of mobile technology.

They are aware of smart gadgets and technologies. Not only that, most of them know what they need from the next release before even consuming their current facilities. They are educated, aware and smart while choosing their next smartphone. So, if you want to keep your customers entertained then understanding the latest trends in mobile technology would be the major element to be considered. Android, iOS, and Microsoft are the major platforms for mobile applications.
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Latest Trends In Mobile Technologies Around The World

For each industry, there are numerous top practices that have varied over the period of time through the unvarying efforts of the domain evangel catalogs. These best practices have been documented and followed in order to make the best likely use of available tools and techniques, avoid laziness and bugs, speed up development and release.

The smartphone apps market is ruled by uniqueness in interface design, business idea, ease of use and faster time to market. Android App Developers In India are building quality Apps both for India and the rest of the world. The success of a business app depends on the time to market and this trust of faster growth with minimum bugs.
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Android App Developers In India

Big Data 4Vs - Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Latest blogs from the Indian IT Company, Vardhaman Infotech

Vardhaman Infotech is an IT Company based in India that continually thrives on new technologies and new developments. The Company keeps an eye in the latest developments in the technology field, especially in Mobile application development. We develop mobile applications both in Android and IoS platforms using state of the art technologies with the latest features.

Android and IoS Mobile applications, Vardhaman Infotech
Android and IoS Mobile applications, Vardhaman Infotech 
The IT Company's blog section adds new blog posts continually to keep the customers informed and updated. The knowledge seekers can keep themselves up breast reading these blog posts. There are different frameworks for the developers of Mobile apps and a blog is written to enhance your knowledge about the top and latest frameworks. Business and social organizations develop mobile apps to increase reach to their customers.  These are user-friendly easy to use applications.  These mobile applications cover various types of services. Vardhaman Infotech blogs provide information about large numbers of such apps. Are you interested in Blockchain technology, latest trends in Blockchain?

Here is the list of latest blogs from Vardhaman Infotech. You can use this list as an index to the latest blogs from the Indian IT Company. We have given links only to the latest blog posts. There are large numbers of another blog posts, written by industry experts that you may love and enjoy reading.

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